Stay Fit on your Road Trip to New York City

Staying fit in the Big Apple isn't difficult, as a matter of fact, there are tons of fun ways to exercise in New York City regardless of your choice of exercise from the most traditional ways like yoga and running to modern indoor cycling classes. Here's your guide for fun exercising in New York City.



Hit the West Side Highway, the Brooklyn Bridge, Prospect Park or Central Park for a good run with great views. Although you can enjoy a good run at anytime, early mornings and late evenings are the perfect times to avoid crowds. You can run alone or join one of the city's many  running clubs.



It's not unusual to see yoga classes all of the city especially in local parks and other outdoor spaces especially in the warmer months of the year. Some of the more iconic locations include Battery Park City, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Bryant Park, Rockaway Beach, Highline Park and Prospect Park.


Outdoor Dance Classes

With so many different cultures represented in New York City population, there is always a chance to learn more about different genres of music as well as how to dance to it. If you're looking for a fun way to burn some calories in the Big Apple take a dance class like salsa in Bryant Park or Hudson River Park.


Indoor Classes

Outdoor exercising not really your thing? You can do cool indoor workouts in New York City like rock climbing, check out one of the city's many cool indoor cycling studios, indoor surfing, regular fitness clubs, barre, tai chi or even synchronized swimming.


With so many fun ways to exercise in New York City, it's a great city to stay healthy all while having fun and learning in the process.


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