Spring Day Trips and Activities in PA

25 Things You Have to Do this Spring with Your Kids   
Hello, Spring! We sure have missed you around here. We're ready to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and find every possible way to keep our kids running and moving from the moment they wake up until they fall into their beds at night. It was a long, cold, gloomy winter, so to welcome this glorious season, here are 25 things you have to do with your kids during the spring season.   

1. Put on rain boots and splash in the puddles 
2.  Plant a small garden inside or outside 
3. Break out the bikes and go on a family bike ride 
4. Get super messy and play in the mud 
5.  Go on a picnic 
6.  Visit a farm or petting zoo to see the baby animals 
7.  Go to a major league or minor league baseball game 
8.  On a warm day, have ice cream for dinner! 
9. Get your friends and family together and have a friendly soccer game 
10. Break out the sidewalk chalk and get creative. 
11. Fill a water table with dish soap for lots of bubbles 
12. Make birdfeeders 
13. Play in the dirt 
14. Fly a kite 
15. Blow bubbles and see who can blow the biggest bubble 
16. Find new playgrounds to explore 
17.  Go on a nature hike 
18.  Play hopscotch 
19.  Visit a farmers market 
20.  Let your kids help you wash the car 
21.  Take family photos surrounded by beautiful spring flowers 
22.  Look for family fun runs in your area 
23. Create a spring scavenger hunt 
24.  Break out a tent and camp in your backyard 
25.   Play flashlight tag at night

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