Taking a road trip with your family is one of the quintessential activities that build lead to life long memories. The destination, the drive, the stops in between and the fun in the car means everyone will have something to enjoy, share and remember. One way to keep the memories strong is to keep a journal of your family trip. Here are some ideas for a family road trip journal.


Family Road Trip Journal




One of the first things to do in any journal is to write. Start out by writing your trip destination and date. Then have everyone write what they are most looking forward to on the trip. Small kids can draw pictures of what they are looking forward to.

Write in the time your trip began, the stops you made and fun things you saw on the drive itself or during each stop. Keep a list of games you played, songs you sang, books you have read and more.




Give every member of the family a disposable camera to snap pictures during the trip. Don't worry about your little ones snapping random pictures. There might just be a few gems in their picture reel. Take pictures of your family at landmarks and special moments during the trip. And remember to get another person to snap a few pictures of your whole family. Don't stay behind the lens. A family trip is for everyone.




Keep stubs for places visited. Combine your stubs with pictures and a few sentences about each place you visited, What was the favorite part, fun things you saw, etc.


While On The Road


Snap pictures of random things you see, signs, animals and fun looking cars. The drive is just as important as the destination when taking a road trip. You might be surprised that kids love this part of the trip than anything else.


You can choose to make this one big journal that everyone writes in or you can choose to buy mini books so everyone can have their own just like the mini cameras. Combine all the journals at the end of the trip. A written or picture journal is a great and nostalgic way to keep the memories.