Maintain the New Car Look

I've been waiting for my new car for so long, and now that the moment is here, I want to do whatever I can to preserve the "new car" feel!

Here are the tips I've found to preserve the "new car" look and feel!

1.       Park smart. Almost everything I've read advises keeping the car parked in a garage or at least under a cover at night, and taking car to "park smart" in parking lots. This means not putting your car in a position to get dinged by shopping carts, other doors, or shoppers trying to squeeze through. It may mean a bit longer walk into the grocery store, but it's smarter.

2.       Drive smart. In addition to the normal things like treating the brakes well, not pushing the engine, and not driving aggressively, it's also smart to really watch your following distance. When you drive close to the car in front of you, all the debris that car is kicking up is hitting your bumper, front hood and windshield. Those little dings can turn into a mess! You have a beautiful new car, don't allow that to happen!

3.       Regular Cleaning Schedule. Washing, waxing, and interior. Get yourself into a habit, and don't wait until you can see a mess. If you wait until then, there's a bigger potential for problems.  Most places also recommend getting a "deep clean", a thorough detailing, once a year, and more if you have kids. If you wait until it's bad, it may be impossible to get back to pristine.

Be smart inside. For us, it's nearly impossible to forbid food. It just isn't realistic. However, I have made new rules about WHAT food can be brought into the car. In addition, we got all weather mats for muddy shoes in the backseat. Make rules about trash and clutter and stick to them

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