Tips for Traveling with a Toddler 

Parents, we've all been there: a dreaded drive with our potty training toddler in tow. Unless stopping every 20 minutes is a viable option, chances are you'll need to make other arrangements. These tips will help the trip go smoother…and drier! 

  • Be sure your little one hits the potty before departure; the only thing worse than bundling a kid in multiple layers of snow-garb and hearing, "I have to tinkle!" is finally getting on the road and hearing it! 
  • Schedule the trip to coincide with sleepy time. While this tactic doesn't necessarily guarantee a dry kid, it does at least ensure one who doesn't cry wolf every few miles.
  • Pack your travel potty. Whether it's the stand-alone kind or the seat that fits over a regular toilet, your kiddo has become accustomed to a training routine-no need to break it now!
  • Have a Plan B that looks a lot like a Pull-Up. I know, I know: the goal is to move away from diapers, but adults can barely hold it when stuck in a traffic jam, so how can we expect the little ones to? Either wear it or bring it-you won't regret it. 
  • Cut back on travel snacks. Though many of us pack goodies to keep our kids happy (quiet) during long car rides, this probably isn't a good idea for a potty training toddler. Too many sips from his sippy cup means more frequent stops or even an accident. 
  • Distraction is key. If you don't want to hear "I HAVE TO GO!!" every couple of miles, be prepared with coloring books, DVDs, or a family game of I Spy to keep mind off of potty time! 
  • Try the more understanding route and simply explain to your kiddo that he can wear a diaper only when on long road trips. He may balk because at this point he doesn't like the feeling of being wet, but at least everything else is dry! Happy travels and good luck!

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