Nissan Brand Loyalty

Is brand loyalty something that only older generations do? Is this something we consider when shopping? Is it something we should consider?

My grandparents were of the generation of extreme brand loyalty. With the first car purchase my grandfather made, he mapped out his entire car shopping future. When it was time for a new car, they didn't even think of going elsewhere, no matter what.

On the other side, my parents are brand hoppers (mostly). I believe, if my memory serves me, that they have purchased cars from over ten makers.

Obviously, from a dealership perspective, brand loyalty is key to a successful dealership. But what are the advantages for the consumer? Is staying loyal the better decision?

Today, car buyers are faced with an incredible array of options - dozens of brands, hundreds of models, and parity is high. Brand superiority is much more a matter of personal preference than actual reality. They aren't just looking at commercials - they have a world of information at their fingertips that other generations simply didn't have access to. Today's car shopper goes to their dealership knowledgeable, usually close to a decision, and ready.

Advantages of Brand Loyalty

  • The dealership may cut you a deal. With our last car purchase, we had our first two months of payments waived, simply because we were repeat customers buying a new model. How did we know this was an option? Because our dealership contacted us periodically after our initial purchase and let us know. My husband has stayed with the same dealership for his last three vehicles, and each time the perks have gotten better. A dealership loves a loyal customer and can make it worth your while to stay.
  • You know what you're dealing with. A friend of mine cites this as the reason she's stayed with her current make of car. She likes feeling like she already "knows" her new car. Sure, there may be slight changes when you upgrade, but generally speaking, you have a good idea of what you're getting. If you liked what you had, this is a big plus.
  • Don't mess with success. You don't leave your job if you're fulfilled where you are. You don't divorce and remarry simply because it's time for a change. You don't move from a town you are happy living in. Change for change's sake doesn't make sense. If you are happy with your current make, changing only for a new experience may be a risk that just isn't worth it. Upgrading doesn't mean starting over.
Advantages of Shopping Around: The make of car I have doesn't offer a model that I want when it's time to upgrade. My current make has plenty of advantages - good ones - but it no longer has the space or seating that I need. Simply put, my needs as a consumer have changed, and their cars haven't changed in the same way. A colleague of mine purchased her car based on gas mileage - only to realize that for the type of driving she did, the estimate wasn't nearly as competitive as she thought. Know better, choose better.

There really isn't a clear cut answer - like anything in life there are plenty of pros and cons. But being informed about both what makes your happy and what dealerships can offer you will steer you right!

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